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New Website Launched! Welcome to Visit Us.

Time:2018.10.16 Views: Source:Shanghai Xujing TIAN TIAN RUBBER & Plastic Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Xujing TIAN TIAN RUBBER & Plastic Co.Ltd. abbreviated as TIAN TIAN RUBBER, is a professional manufacturer of rubber seal with more than 20-year experiences. We started rubber seal manufacturing since 1993 in Shanghai, China. Now we have expanded into a variety of rubber compound in molding, extruding, and rubber to metal bonding with THREE factories. Mainly serving the industries of automotive, pump and valve, piping and many others. For your reference, we would like to present you SOFIMA as our main customer in automotive filter industry and TYCO, TOMOE, GEMU as our long-term partner in valve industry. We are now looking for customers who highly value the quality and expect for happy long-term relationship with us for win-win results.

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Add:No. 153, Qianyun Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, P.R.C.


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