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Polyurethane rubber application field

Time:2018.09.27 Views: Source:Shanghai Xujing TIAN TIAN RUBBER & Plastic Co. Ltd.

  First of all, it can be applied to track and field plastic track sports venues, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor. This plastic field has a longer use time than the wood floor, and is suitable for wear resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and aging elasticity, good shock absorption performance, and solid bonding through the base layer. Polyurethane rubber has excellent oil resistance and is therefore also used as an oil resistant cartridge. Due to its excellent performance, it can replace the alloy in the automotive industry and can be applied to automobile bumpers, steering wheels and automotive peripheral components. Secondly, due to the advantages of low wear, high friction coefficient and low noise, the conveyor made by him has a stable rotation speed. Therefore, the conveyor belts for coal mines and mines can be made of polyurethane rubber, and the high hardness polyurethane casting glue can be used as gear mercury gears, which has the characteristics of stable liquid transfer. In addition, it also uses lining and protective layer for non-metallic car snow chains and high-rise building rescue water pipe lining; for high-pressure seals and high-pressure water pipes; in the shoemaking can reduce costs, beautiful and generous; it can be used for aircraft thin Wall oil tanks, oil-resistant seals, dust-proof seals; potting materials for cable streets, electronic components and printed circuits, and ideal for anti-vibration rubber, and also for a wide range of applications in human organs and medical devices.

  Secondly, it is also used in the field of national defense industry, such as polyurethane insulation materials in aerospace systems, which has the advantages of excellent bonding performance and high strength.

  Application examples:

  1: Used for unloading and peeling rubber mats on the die.

  2: Widely used in punching, bending, shallow drawing and forming processes.

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